The Dawn of the Teenage has arrived in our house.  From day one of my eldest son turning 13 in April 2015.  Mum, Dad & a younger brother.

From 12.01am of my precious first born being a teenager.

Baffled and inspired by these teenage years?  Who are they and what do they want? Who is he going to be?  Does every teenager have a ‘floordrobe’? I’ve two sons, so this will mainly be about boys. Girls I am sure will make an appearance at some point.  As it all happens……

Salted Caramel Icecream

I’m 47 and have worked in PR & Comms since I left school at 18.  This has included stints with various brands from Laura Ashley, Atora Suet and Saatchi & Saatchi!  I had 5 years off to have babies, two sons now aged 11 and 16, and the whole blog social media thing went over my head, but now back in the saddle and at it again!  I like to swim, in pools and in wild waters, detest group activities and can’t eat a banana with black bits.  15 years in London I’m in the Cheshire countryside with 14 years in the greenbelt, and after London I still get a thrill our of parking on our driveway.

Jan 2019