Puppy Love at long last


DOGI have been asked for a dog, by both boys, for the past decade or so.  Having never had a dog ever, only ever cats when younger, so we got two cats, Betty and Jasper.  I thought job done, no poop pick up, walking in the rain or puppy training class.   They were delightful, funny, no bother and we loved them.   They were so funny together and so loving with us, and you can feel the BUT coming can’t you?  We live near to the main road with farmers fields opposite and they both got run over in the space of three years; one we found and had cremated (Betty) and Jasper we never found, we were only told that someone had seen a black can run over near our home.

With the eldest now at secondary school and my husband working from home, I no longer had the tick list of reasons why a dog wasn’t a good idea.   Hence, Jerry, our ‘good idea’ arrived at the start of December.  We chose a Wheaten Terrier, mainly because my sister in law sister in law has had Rocky the cutest Tibetan Terrier for the past 7 years.

He looks like a cross between a teddy bear and a Womble and is just a big ball of love.  He only whimpered the first night for a short time and has of course peed and peed all over the house!  We’ve done puppy training and cuddled him on the bed.  I wasn’t sure how he would exactly slot into family life, but he just does, he goes with the flow.

What I like about having a dog is that he’s made me shift my arse and I’ve lost half a stone!  More importantly, going on dog walks with Jerry has given me headspace, much needed headspace to think and ponder, or to not even think at all and have my brain rattle in neutral.   I also love having a proper good nosey around my neighborhood, homes I’ve driven past for years, I’ve been able to really study and look at.  Driveways, curtains, flowers, trees, interiors and more have all been eyeballed by me and I love it!

Yes, he chews stuff, farts a lot and barks, has done runny poo that looks like chocolate mousse, but he’s the only thing in the house who gives me shit I don’t mind!  I mean look at this face, you can’t resist it.  He just seems to have been the glue, cement, grout that we didn’t know we’d been missing.  He adores the boys, goes bonkers when they come back from school and college, and I’m sure I can see him smile!  Even my husband, who was not at all keen on a dog, was found in the kitchen giving big kisses and belly rubs to Jerry. #busted #puppylove


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