Brexit & Insulin – no clue. No one does.

250px-Deal_or_No_DealWithout insulin Type 1 Diabetics can die in 48 hours.  Can Boris, Nigel, Theresa or Jeremy give me an answer on my insulin supply questions after Brexit?  No, they can’t because I’ve asked many times, via email, letter and phone call and they have just ignored me.  Not one reply from any of them!

With Brexit due this month and no one none the wiser about so much, all I’m thinking of is our supplies of insulin that will be affected if no deal can be reached.  Does it make any difference Theresa May is Type 1, no, because she will be looked after in a separate bubble, because, after all, she is the PM.

I’m aware it’s not just insulin but other life dependent daily, weekly and monthly drugs people need to stay alive.  This is a huge boat we are all in that is currently adrift in the worlds biggest shipping channel.

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is on it, but with words like ‘positive dialogue’ with the Government – what does this mean?  They are not going on a date!  If the Government won’t answer me or the JDRF with anything concrete, then they are genuinely dodging the question because they don’t know.

I’ve been told it will be fine, they can’t leave without this being sorted!  You are overreacting!  Why should I believe and trust randomers or MP’s on Twitter, BBC Radio 5 Live, in the papers, on the street or at work?  What gravitas, authority and crystal ball do they have that I don’t know about?  I tell them the moon is made of cheese because it is and I say so.  It’s the same!

Come right at me with I told you so’s after and everything is fine, I couldn’t care less about any future smugness you may have, it’s irrelevant.  I have the worry and concern NOW and I can’t get an answer out of anyone, the Government, the authorities – those who are supposed to make the rules and provide me with what I pay my tax and national insurance for.

ALl the terms backstop, arguing endless chat, not once have I heard insulin being mentioned.  I hear a lot of what those in authority want; their county back, the ability to make their own rules, less immigration etc.  But did they even stop to think about life-critical elements like insulin while they were all posturing and jostling?  I doubt it.  Where do those who shout ‘we want our country back’ help me and my son?  I don’t see the Italians being less Italian, the French being less French or the Germans being less German, being part of the EU.  I still don’t get why the UK shit the bed on this one.

Apparently, there is factory n Wrexham that makes some but insulin only used by 2% of diabetics in the UK.  It’s not like water there are different kinds for different uses – T1’s can’t just swap!  My sons is made in Denmark and France and I know where to drive to the production facility,  but I doubt they will give me any if I just rock up.  I can’t order any more than the minimum at present because the whole GP/NHS system won’t allow you to do so.

Supplies of insulin and other vital medicines may be at risk under a no-deal Brexit because the government has failed to provide ‘concrete detail’ of contingency plans, diabetes charities have warned.  NovoDisc who make NovoRapid Insulin my son uses and I listen to those in the know, not those who have no clue about being T1 and all that it entails, such as the Novo Nordisk CEO – straight from the horses mouth….

‘But because of Brexit this has been doubled to around 16 weeks’ supply in the UK, Fruergaard said’ Fruergaard Jørgensen, president and chief executive officer, Novo Nordisk, “I think there will be rational behavior in the end – but it won’t be until backs are against the wall.”  

All I see in that sentence is the word ‘think’.

People say don’t worry they can’t possibly leave without a deal on something like this, but we still have the worry and concern coupled with no reassurance all will be well.  And when your child life is on the line I’m not prepared to hope and wait and leave them to it, because of look what has happened so far with the negotiations!  If I was this chaotic and bumbling in my job I would have been fired a long time ago, and because Government is elected they can get away with it without consequence it seems.

Watch this space.  It’s all I can do.


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