Primary School Years – Mic Drop

carIt’s over.  It’s been over 10 years and I am D O N E.  Both my children have been at the same school, with five years between them my time served has been long.  The school has been excellent and provided great education and care to them both, one who had some special educational needs and one who has done so much sport for the school.  Maybe it’s an age thing, for me, I am just sick and tired of it all, the minutia that is involved, the endless dressing up or down days, those parents just as obsessed with levels and pecking orders as they were with the colour sticker of reading books in reception.  I’ve done my fair share too, helped at school fairs, BBQ’s, grandparents days, put up chairs, taken them down again, bought badges, helped in class and on school trips.  I’ve made some great mates and some others I’ve hidden from over the years (nothing wrong with hiding in the footwell of your car at the local supermarket to avoid one in particular), but I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a microcosm of all the very best and very worst of women.  Those on the PTA who think they have elevated status because of it some sort and those on the PTA who do it because they are good at it and make a difference.    Those who find something to speak to the teacher about at the end of each school day at least three times a week.  Some of those who are Governors think they are part of some elitist influential fascist movement.  Oh and the nagging of the reading, it has put mine off reading.  It became a chore, not a pleasure, a one size fits all sausage factory of nag read nag.  Oh and in 12 years I’ve NEVER EVER parked like a TWAT and I’ve only been super, super late twice, not bad hey?  And the best thing about this is that my school run days are OVER too, I no longer have to drive them to school, they walk/get the train.  I’m H A P P Y!

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