My Boy 9 – T1 Nil

img_4013.jpgSo so proud of this boy, passed all of his GCSEs with flying colours, after the toughest year of his life. I can’t even begin to explain or express how happy and delighted we all are. 💪🏻👏🏻🙌🏻❤️😁  I woke on the morning of results day with a headache that indicated my jaw had been clenched all night long.  School opened at 9am and he was still in bed and ten to the hour!  We made it to school about 9.20am and I was told ‘no pep talk was needed’ as we listened to the radio on the 5 min drive to school.  He shot into school and came shooting out again moments later, with THE envelope in hand, which was ripped open as soon as he’d slammed the door and there is all their glory were the 8 6’s (or B’s) as they’ve been known since this year.  Ding, ding, ding, peppering the page with joy and delight one after the other.

He had every reason to give up, to not bother, to see the world as giving him a rough deal. But he didn’t, he tried so hard. He showed grit, skips of it! It was frustrating and worrying for him and me. Type 1 some days, night and weeks was an utterly unfathomable beast, a total and utter mean git. Here’s a tweet I sent one day after a crap few days.

“I wish T1 was something tangible I could get my hands on because I’d then have it up against a wall with my forearm across its throat and I headbutt it and kick the sh*t out of it till it was no more! ”

He gave up sometimes, yelled Macbeth was a power-mad Trump-like moron, that PE was totally stupid and that he didn’t give a toss about biology. But he exploded and then picked up the books again. The highs during exams, every exam in fact, so he had to monitor closely his bloods, scan, check, finger prick, inject, eat and drink AND think about answers to endless questions.  Conking out after he got home to sleep, his brain and body drained.  On the days he had no exams he had to just sleep, teenagers sleep a lot and add in T1 they sleep, even more, they have to. It was all worth THAT moment of seeing those results in black and white.  His school, teachers and especially his head of year were the best we could have hoped for, their support was immense, so considered and just what he required.  He needed them and they made the difference.  I am so thankful for them all.

I’m still on Cloud 9, I’ve told everyone I’ve come into contact with since. Shouting it from the rooftops gives me immense pleasure because he deserves this incredible feeling that fills every molecule of his body, it’s a fantastic triumph. We went to the tip to get rid of all his exercise books, papers and notes into the paper recycling.  Chucking each one into the skip was so much fun, he flung them up into the air and it was like watching a weight lift from him; the pressure, worry, the expectation all gone replaced by victory, vindication and confidence.

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