Magpies – Big Mean B*****S & I hate them


total bastard bird

With shoulder tendonitis hurting me like a git, being up in the night with high sugar levels with my son, work and GSCE revision my head is as fried as poss this week.  So I was welcoming a Saturday morning of plod and decompress, to ramp up again for the week ahead.  For the past three weeks, we’ve all be marvelling at a Mum and Dad blackbird working so hard to feed their babies, every 5-7 minutes one of them swoops in, beak full with worms, taking a moment to pause and look around before disappearing deep into our hedge to feed their hungry babies. Both boys have enjoyed seeing them also, counting how many times they flew in and out in an hour, 14 the last time we counted.  Cut to today and when I opened the blind this morning, and there were two magpies who had gone into the hedge and just eviscerated the babies as far as I could tell.  I can’t even put into words what I saw.  I raged out the back door and scared those evil magpie bastards off.  It just set me over the edge, tears came, my heart was so sad for those parents who had done nothing but all they could in their power to keep them, safe, warm, protected and fed.  All of which human parents do, and more so T1 parents who keep that 24/7 radar scan going, adjusting all the time.  Magpies are like the shit that comes with T1 diabetes, we do our best only to have an ‘evil magpie’ swoop on down and shit all over it for no reason eg: food, hormones, illness, stress, no fathomable reasons even – it can be anything at any time.   So I making it official, magpies are the evil mean bastards of the bird world because they remind me of T1 and battling blood sugar levels.  NEWSFLASH PEOPLE – getting better control is what we try and do all the time, it’s not that we are not ever doing that, we are doing this and if tickbox levels happen it’s great, but don’t think to do the same again has the same results.  Oh no, that would put the piss in piss-easy.  You just have to fight to bastard off with a big mental and physical stick, sometimes one swift hit will do others you have to bash the bones of it for hours.  I haven’t seen Mum or Dad blackbird since and I know it’s nature and all that, but fuck off nature for a bit yeah?!, and stop kicking us in the balls and beaks because I’m so totally done today.


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