Mean Girl – aged 40 something

meanAfter such a  crap hard and cold Winter, I recently wrote on my Facebook page I was pissed off at parents sending ill kids to school, not mentioning the school. This was after my 11yo came home saying a boy in his class did nothing but a cough all day in his ear and wipe dark green snot on the table, equipment and his trousers.  I asked his teacher why an ill child like this was in school, but I was told it was fine and Y6 was important for attendance SATS blah blah blah.  A few days later I was summoned into school by the head as this post from my Facebook page, had been shown to the head and most astonishingly this person wanted to remain anonymous and the head was happy to protect their identity.   I refused to attend for a ‘telling off’ as the head made it clear a discussion was not an option.  As my Facebook settings are set to ‘friends only’ and I only have IRL friends on my page, it is someone I know face to face.  Why they chose to do this I will leave up to you to decide, for me I know all they wanted to do was cause trouble for me in a ‘Mean Girls’ kind of way.  If they were so offended why didn’t they come talk to me before they went to school? I’m not interested in why they did this because I pity them and their need to feel big and clever.   Now we are on a stage two complaint I’ve made against the school after the Chairman of Governors became involved in a somewhat odd way.  If school want to spy on parents social media and take anonymous tips off, fine, just make this clear in the social media policy so parents know this ‘police state’ mentality exists.  There is now a total school and parent shit-storm and all because someone was a tattle-tail, aged 40 something.  I don’t give a fig about the outcome of the complaint, we leave in 3 months and I can’t wait to drop the mic on this utterly bitchy twisted cowardly spineless nonsense.  And as this blog, by my choice, is public I suspect this post will be shown to school as well – waves hello!

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