You gotta roll with it


oasisI have two sons, the teenager about to be 16 and an 11-year-old.  Of all the combinations of children and siblings, this seems to be viewed by society as the least favorable.  Brothers are the devils work apparently and their only future is to end up like Liam and Noel, at each other’s throats and hating each other.   I had an older brother growing up and I loathed him from the aged of about 12 to 20, he was mean to me and all my mates fancied him with enraged me.  He once stuffed all my soft toys into drawers around the house, leaving their heads crushed and feet sticking out.  Yes, they were soft toys and no real hard came to them but I was so upset.  He also once gave me plaque disclosing tablets telling me they were sweets, oh he told me to tell my Grandma I’d hurt my ‘C U Next Tuesday’ as she would think it was hilarious.  Of course, I did things to him, threw all of his drumsticks in a hedge, put face cream in his new trainers and told his girlfriend he was going out with someone else.  Yes, all mean-shit we did to one another, so much fun!  My poor parents – I’m sorry.  I stopped loathing him when I was about 20 and we both moved to London.  We have a ‘normal’ relationship now, we are both in our mid to late 40’s and have children and I no longer want to cause him shit.  Point is all siblings fight, whatever age and sex, there is no one ideal perfect combo.  Today my teen as helped his brother with his maths homework, they’ve played Fortnight together with some yelling and disagreement, the youngest got the eldest a loo roll from the cupboard as he’d been caught short on the loo, all whilst heaving into his hoodie saying it ‘smelt like dead toads’  All pleasant normal stuff, no alleged Gallagher feuding for today at least.  Point is we all detest our siblings now and again, so we just all gotta roll with it.

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