cmWith only 26 letters in the alphabet and being aged 47 I am still amazed there are any new words left that I’ve not heard of, but yes there are and they all relate to Type 1 Diabetes.  CGM, MDI, bolus, MDL, units, clicker, test strips, HBaC1 and so the list goes on.  It does nothing other than blow your mind.  Add with different NHS healthcare providers and locations, who do things differently with different things in different ways and boom, mind blown again.  I feel like I’ve been playing a game of The Crystal Maze with the clock counting down until I know EVERYTHING.   But I’m still in the room with people yelling at me with half a clue as to what’s what and I’m about to be locked in the room.  This Mum of a T1 always feels all the time like the room is going to close, I am stuffed full to the point of painful indigestion with knowledge but only some of it has been digested, while the rest just sits there causing acid reflux and anxiety.    At present we are trying to sync the makes of a CG transmitter with a CG monitor with an app provided by another company.  Three different companies, with three different products that should all work together, but we haven’t managed to get it all to work together, yet.  If we do, it means I will be able to look at my phone in the middle of the night to see my sons blood sugar levels, not get out of bed in the cold and dark to try and find his arm to scan him for his level.  Sounds simple enough, but I’m tired, worried and it disturbs us both.  So again this afternoon we are trying to get all this tech to line up, these companies who provided all these amazing clever tech ways to manage type one are incredible.  Some are big pharma giants whilst others are a bunch of people with the know-how to develop what’s needed to help manage T1.  I am thankful and grateful to them all and this helps me manage my anxiety about always thinking about blood sugar levels 24/7.

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