A good kicking

That is what the last few months have felt like.  All my wind has been taken from my sails, my guts have been punched several times over and I’ve cried like a snot engorged breathless monster so many times.  With the teenage years here never once did I ever imagine Type 1 Diabetes would enter our lives.  Type 1 came in the summer, which we were just about getting our heads around then the teenager proper broke his leg playing football.  Proper broken, as in a 2-hour operation and five metal pins inserted, like I said, proper.   No bad tackle, just a combination of pitch, players and circumstance.

As he was playing in Manchester he was taken to Manchester Children’s Hospital, where him being Type 1 fast-tracked him to the top of the queue; which I am sure is just what it feels like with a Fast Pass at Alton Towers but without the fun or enjoyment, but I imagine much more adrenaline.  All the staff there are just perfect in every way, just the best care possible he could have wanted.  I even got a huge hug at 3am one morning when I’d left his bedside to get some air from another Mum who was doing the same.  We held onto each other in the cold Manchester damp air hardly said a word, whimpered and sobbed and went out separate ways.  No idea who she was, but we needed each other right there and then.leg

Some of my friends have been brilliant through all this, one even bringing me a Swearing coloring book and pencils, whereas others have not said one word to me about it all.  That really hurt, especially those I have supported so much in the past with their crap.  These people are now on my ‘fuck off and fuck you’ list.

Plaster is now off and rehab, physio, podiatry etc are all being done.  He’s missed so much school but is doing his best, now his GCSE’s are a few weeks away.   His head of year has been truly incredible with her support and care, not only for him but for me also.  I can say the say for all the teachers and staff at his school, bar one, who send me a personalized letter detailing the STATS about poor attendance and results.  No shit Sherlock, just let me tell his broken leg and pancreas about the STATS will ya?!  What a piss-taking thoughtless doofus.

I’m trying really hard not to smack the face of the myriad of daft comments I get about everything that has happened from people, especially those in the medical profession such as his dentist ‘He shouldn’t be eating any more sugar then should he?’  I don’t expect people to have all the knowledge but I don’t expect them to be ignorant and stupid.

What next, who knows, and I don’t think I can take anything else for a while at least.  Shit happens, we all know that, but those who have helped you in whatever way they can are worth their weight in everything under the sun, moon and universe.

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