First Work Taster


WEIt’s work experience week this week, for him and many Y10 around the country.  School gave us a letter two weeks before Christmas telling us they needed to sort out this week ourselves and to get it done by the first week in January.  This made me think that the school didn’t really understand the world of work, as businesses are on the slow down the week before Christmas and many take time off, the first week of Jan being very quiet.  So expecting us to find somewhere and get all the forms filled in was nuts.  Anyway, after about 50 emails and using the old saying ‘it’s now who you know but what you know’ we’ve thankfully found somewhere, near where I work so I can take him and pick him up, as public transport near us is non-existent.   What will he make of it all?  Being in a creative and young environment, where what you do makes the money your earn and sets you career trajectory.  He will soon find out!  My first job was working in a little production unit that made sandwiches for garages, I literally buttered bread and chopped cucumber for eight hours.  I loved it!  We had Radio 1 blasting out, we had a great time, such laughs.  I did the job every Saturday whilst I was doing my A-levels; the money, the freedom and experience were just fantastic.  Did I go into catering?  No, but it didn’t matter because life if full of experiences to get your teeth sunk into so can you can try stuff out for size, to see where it takes you and who the hell knows at 15 where that is.  I hope this work experience week is the start of something for my son and that the experience is a great one.

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