Towels in peril.

towelsI work four days a week, my other half works from home.  I am the only one who can neatly fold towels.  I’ve given lessons and deep, desperate instructions.  But this is what I am faced with daily – see pics.  I tell them if they want dry, warm and fluffy towels they need to be put on the radiator, the picture shows an example of how not to do this.  Plus the teen uses at least two per shower.  How and why does this not compute in their brains?  It makes me crazy.  Let alone the ones of the bed that are left abandoned there wet on the bed; my toes are curling as we speak.  These towels are sad, they wish they were still on the shelves of John Lewis.  I now keep my own secret stash of folded to perfection towels, all with extra fluff and right angles.

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