Sexting & the aftermath


sextingLike in many schools up and down the country, shit has hit the fan with some kids in the teens year 10.  A boy and a girl sent pics of their bits to each other, they were going out.  Now they are not and somehow both sets of pics have been ‘distributed’  The head, head of the year and local police have all been involved.  All of Y10 has been spoken with and had been many times about this very subject over the years.  One girl set up a SnapChat group entitled ‘Sluts & Slags of xxx’ and send a serious of horrendous messages about many in the year.  What was pics between girlfriend and boyfriend has now resulted in two suspensions, and one a breakdown.  The SnapChat girl is refusing to go to school and has missed all her exams.  The boy is grounded amongst other things, till Jan.  All his tech has been taken off him.  My teen told me about it all, said he didn’t know about it all till, after the fact, it’s a mate of his he’s known since pre-school.  They’ve all talked about it since, what a dick he was, how stupid he feels now, especially the upset it’s caused his parents.  He said seeing it all explode; the gossip in school, the work the teachers do and are doing, what the police said, his mates’ reaction has left a really bad feeling for everyone.  Thankfully it’s exam week, then work experience week, then DoE week, then the summer hols.  Hopefully, it will all have dissipated by then and something else, less serious will be the talk of the school.    I feel sorry for them all, all the crap when I was young was just that crap, unrecorded and no footprint.  We all did crazy stupid stuff when we were teenagers but now, they have to think about the bigger, bigger, forever picture.  Lessons learned, the total shit end of the stick way.  I also told my teen that as much as I loved his Dad, I would never ever want a pic on my mobile of his appendage; they are just not attractive and vice versa!  I’d much prefer his face!  The teen had backed out of the room at this point saying ‘OK Mum, enough now, I get it’ Totes embarrassed.

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