Help Me to Help You!

exam-stress-tipsY10 exams are in full swing, it’s been 30c so that has not helped, to be so hot and sweaty.  But I tell you what else has been unhelpful and that is his school.  The inconsistency between teachers as to what to revise has been cavernous.  Some were on point with the list of what needed to be covered, some just casually said ‘just revise everything you’ve learned this year’.  The problem with the teen is dyslexia and writing, he can’t even read some of the stuff he’s written, especially way back in September.  We don’t want to be spoon-fed but we also can’t magic stuff up.  The plan was to buy all the revision guides and go through and mark stuff for this year’s exams, but trying to get this info from some teachers was tough, SAS style tough.  I’m not teacher bashing, I’m teacher helping – he wants to do well, he needs some guidance, help me to help you  (As Tom Cruise said in Jerry McQuire) FTLOG!  We finally got there and he’s worked hard.  He has a scribe and an extra 25% time for most of his exams and when he came home on Friday after between 2 and 3 exams each day, he looked worn out, grey, pale and he said his brain felt like a ‘dusty dry raisin’.  Next year is the GCSE year, he’s been used to doing exams since Y7 but these were hard-core to get them match-fit for next year. There is five years between my two boys and when it comes to times like this, I’ll be glad of the recovery time before exams and revision hits again!    By then the Govenement would have changed all the exams and I will have to fork out for yet another set of revision guides and books, because after all history will not have changed!

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