All teenagers behave like twats


Yes, that’s it.  See more than two of them together and the automatic presumption is they are up to no good.  It’s not a proven mathematical fact that 3 teens or more = bad news.  A recent article in our local paper and the subsequent comments on their Facebook page, said of a recent park bench being set alight that is was ‘teenagers’.  We happen to live in a market town in the middle of England; ‘middle england’ being the key.  Every post teenager-bashed based on no evidence whatsoever.    The parents were to blame and society had gone to the dogs.  This prejudged presumptive view of groups of human beings is what sends society to the dogs!

It’s the same as saying all estate agents are liars, all old people are miserable mean bastards, all police are bent, all teachers are martyrs, you get my gist and the list goes on. So quick to judge and tar all with the same brush, it makes my blood boil.  Were there mentions of the litter pick done by a group of teens recently or talk of the impromptu football match some teens organised with some toddlers over the recent half?  Or the teens who helped my friends’ son up off the floor when he fell off his bike in a nasty fall. No.  Just post after post about these ‘shit-bag teenagers’ making the town a bad place to even breathe.  Turns out it was a lad in his 20’s who lit the bench alight after a night out on the piss.  Were there apologies by those who’d dismissed the town’s teens as menaces? No, complete silence, miserable mean old bastards.


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