The sodding iPhone

iponeI’m partially addicted to my iPhone, but I know when to give it up – most of the time.  It’s the ONE thing I argue the most about with my teen.  Can he have it in his room overnight, being the main source. Others things include where are the chargers, can he had the itunes password – no, where is his phone, why am I tracking him on Find my Iphone etc.  Yes, in his room overnight if he can turn the thing off at a reasonable time and No, if he can’t.  Of course that leaves a cavern of ‘grey area’ into what and when  constitutes ‘a reasonable time’  We’ve argued, discussed and yes I have wrestled the damm thing from his hot strong hand, akin to a toddler with a firm grip on a forbidden object.  Some nights he’s given the phone to me when asked, other nights he’s said ‘just wait well I check my Instagram and Snapchat’  Yes sir, I will stand here and wait whilst you do this.  Not.  Am I some sort of maid/paid help to be ordered about, are you kidding me?  This made me ‘lose my shit’  I smacked the phone out of his hand and it slid across the carpet until a pile of dirty/clean/who knows clothes stopped it.  ‘What the fuck!’ the teen said, in his world it was a perfectly reasonable request.  It wasn’t until the next morning equilibrium was gained.  Over him munching through half a pack of Oats & More by hand (I let that one slide) he said he knew why I went nuts and was sorry.  I get he needs and wants his phone, its part of his life, but he need to know when to ‘give it up’.  We all do.  I do, however, I’ve checked my phone three times whilst writing this – arrrrgh.  I need to sort my own addiction out first.

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