Where is the charger?!

a6My teenage son’s life is all about the recharge.  The recharge for his iphone, his ipad, the recharge for his portable chargers and his batteries for his X-Box to be recharged, not to mention the sleep he needs to be recharged and not a narky swine.   Tori Spelling was rumoured to have a gift wrapping room in her Hollywood mansion, I need a re-charging room in my semi detached.

What makes me most crazy is when I schlep out of bed in the morning and flick on my cute little pink DAB radio only to hear silence as he’s nicked the batteries, again.  I need a mix of Absolute 80’s/Radio 5 Live to get me started in the morning.  We have two battery rechargers and several rechargeable batteries, to turn over from uncharged to charged should be simple, but seems like it just too much hassle to put empty batteries in to charge.  Much less hassle to piss Mum off first thing due to lack of Wham and a detailed weather forecast.  So i’ve painted four batteries with pink nail polish as a deterrent.  Will it work?  Who knows but it is worth the try, the mornings are getting darker and I need Andrew and George to help me.

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