Toddlers & Teenagers – not that different

a15I’ve had two toddlers and now have one teenager, the other four years off becoming one; I’ll be a total expert by then of course!  I was having a not so pleasant discussion with the teenager the other day about why he couldn’t stay out when it was dark at 9pm.  The argument hinged on my unfairness and my lack of trust.  Of course I explained that it was more about that, he had no lights on his bike and that he would have to cycle across a field in the dark, as well as cycle on some busy roads.

He just couldn’t and did not want to see reason and had to have the last word, and I mean the very, very last word.  Just like when a toddler has an epic tantrum about, oh I don’t know, everything.

No matter what you do or say they are still inconsolable, feet slamming on the floor and fat frustrated tears flowing, over toast cut into squares and not triangles or an episode Pingu ending.  Even as I was walking downstairs the teen was still talking to me about it, shouty-mumbling to be precise.  I had to leave him to it, there would be no end to the conversation if we had stayed in the same room.  I was out of order – FACT.    The best advice I was given when my two were toddlers, was to ignore the tantrum, make sure they were safe, but to just ignore it.  Giving the tantrum attention is like pouring petrol on a fire.  So I poured no more petrol on to the teen fire and it eventually went out.

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