Teachers, cool your boots

a16We are only a couple of weeks into year 10 and the ‘bug bad wolf’ GSCE talk is now tedious according to the teenager.  He was enjoying school but he’s ad the big bad wolf talk so many times it’s flipped him in the opposite direction.  He’s been told, according to him, at least 1,000 times that:-

GCSE’s are THE most important thing in life – they have so much to learn is so little time – their whole life depends on GCSE’s.

Literally, every lesson, GCSE’s tourettes non-stop.

They couldn’t lay it on any thicker and then some.  And do you know what?  He gets it and so do his mates, since when did banging on at a teenager about something have any effect?  If I get asked more than once to do something (which doesn’t happen often because I’m amazeballs) I feel like flicking the finger and not doing it.

So teachers cool you boots, they are on it, they know.  It’s been 2.5 weeks enough already.  Stop the ‘pressure talk’ and concentrate on the teaching and less of the lecturing.

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