Shut the Front Doot

a1There was a programme on C4 this week ‘Born Naughty’ looking if two children had something ‘wrong’ with them, to explain their behaviour, or if it was just because the parents were a bit useless?  I’ve often wondered this over the years, especially when I either of mine were kicking off about something or other!  However, after careful observation of some of the children I have seen since birth to now, I don’t think we are born anything, but develop traits as they grow, (how and why is the big question). One such boy has always been a thorn in my son’s side since infants and was particular vile with the verbal’s this week at school that left my son in furious tears.  So much so I flipped my lid and told his mother when I thought via Facebook.
Not big, clever or wise, and my husband flicked off the Wi-Fi to stop any more. It was just years of not ever physical bullying or even banter, just mean and nasty verbal’s on and off.  The kind of sick and twisted stuff that made me think a mix of WFT / are you kidding me?  I’d just had enough of the ‘take the moral high ground/ignore them/talk it over/he’s the one with the problem not you’ – blah blah blah.  But this time a line needed to be drawn.  My son was touched that I fought his corner from my corner and quite frankly gave this mother and her child what for.  My son needs to know and witness that I am there for him, no matter what, and learn more importantly some kids (and grown-ups) just need to be told to stop and shut the fuck up once in a while.  And said child has not said a peep to him since.

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