It’s Official – I now have a teenager

dawn-of-theSo, I’ve had a teenager for a few days now and now the excitement of cake, balloons and gifts has dispersed I can take it all in.  Lots has been said of the ‘dreaded teenage’ years already and I intend not to slip into a deluge of stereotypical cliches.  My plan is to see what happens and take it from there.

 My overiding feeling is one of feeling warmth, proudness (I’ve decided that is a word) and quite astonished that I have this boy with size 9 feet, who has opinions about big worldy stuff and wants to go dive right into to life in general with gusto.  The same boy who still gets delight from a new packet of Wagon Wheels, who ensures his younger brother is always close and safe when out and about and who has been deeply saddened by his missing cat Jasper (4 weeks & couunting).  I love being a Mum for many reasons, some bits so far have quite frankly pissed me right off over the years and have been very tedious, but in the main I’ve enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what the teenage years add to the mix.

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