Academic or Non Academic

a27The title above makes my blood boil on many fronts.  It’s such an outdated concept.  A concept from the 40’s that children are either brilliant or thick.  No in-between.  If you say these words today, you are only embarrassing yourself.  To let children today think this about themselves is a crime.  The formula of racing to the top of the reading sticker book chart, being KUMON drilled after school, top of the class being the ONLY measure of achievable success and only marker of real intelligence.  Arrrgh!  Standardising testing – who the hell wants to be standard?!  That sheet of stats you get from school is just one way of telling you something about your child.  But it’s only a something.

What you get from a great school with great teachers is more of of who they are and who they are becoming, which is driven by the child and nurtured and encouraged by all those who are around them.   My teen comes back from school buzzing some days, buzing with ideas, fuelled by the inspiration of his lessons, the vitality of his teachers, the challenge of his thoughts, the need to get out there into more of the world and lap-up literally everything there is.  He also comes home on some days and says ‘they are all knobs and they do his head in”  I love both because it’s real.  People do your head in life.

“Trying to meet the future by doing what we did in the past” I just can’t say it better than Ken Robinson so I will just let him tell you more.

Ken Robinson’s Talk


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